Oncomed Spray Lemon Cologne 150 ml 80 degrees


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Oncomed Spray Lemon Cologne 150 ml 80 degrees

Package Content is 12 pieces of 150 ml spray.

With its pleasant lemon scent, it gives coolness, refreshment and hygiene throughout the day.

It was designed inspired by fresh lemons picked from the branch.

While Oncomed Lemon Cologne gives you a deep feeling of freshness and relief, it allows you to imagine yourself in a lemon garden.

Feel the freshness with our new spray form cologne varieties that you will not want to leave with you.

You can use it comfortably all day long.

Oncomed Lemon Cologne, with its scent that makes you feel the refreshing and refreshing effect of lemon tree, gives a new perspective to the traditional lemon cologne with its breathtaking scent and modern design.

You can use it comfortably on your hand, steering wheel, arm, elevator, car door handles, seats, chairs, door handles.